Trucking Software

If you are a freight broker engaged in connecting carriers with businesses who need shipping services, you have a very complex job. You need to be skilled at assessing the shipping needs of your clients and matching them with the trucking company who can best achieve their goals. As if managing this complicated web of relationships were not enough, you also have to manage highly complex logistical arrangements to ensure cargo reaches its destination on time. Special software designed for the trucking industry can be a valuable asset.

Before purchasing software, you may want to get answers to a few key questions, such as:

Freight software is a powerful tool to help keep your freight broker operations running smoothly.

Advanced software solutions, such as ITS Dispatch, can help you manage delivery schedules and routes for any size brokerage operation—large or small.

When looking for software, you may need to address few key operational areas:

Scheduling and dispatch. With advanced scheduling and dispatch software functions, you can plan truck routes and deliveries to streamline your operations and achieve on-time deliveries. ..

Accounting and financial management. Good quality software helps you keep your finances in order with special functions, such as invoicing and credit management. For added benefit, you can seek trucking management solutions, which integrate with accounting software, like QuickBooks.

You should also seek out certain key trucking software features:

Easy integration with other popular software. The best quality software performs select key functions and integrates with other business software—such as QuickBooks or Internet Truckstop—to help you manage operations seamlessly.

Easy to learn and fast to deploy. Because your brokerage operation can't slow down, you need software which is easy to learn and use. You should also seek software, which requires no downloads or equipment upgrades so it is ready to use in your truck scheduling operations right away.

Anytime, anywhere access. If your business spans multiple sites, or if you ever need to access your software from outside of the office, you should look for a web-based solution.

Fortunately, today's freight brokers can access all these vital capabilities—and much more—with ITS Dispatch. We are continually evolving our state-of-the-art software to meet the increasing demands of the trucking industry. You can enjoy a low start-up cost and the convenience of accessing your software over the Internet when you choose ITS Dispatch. Unlike competing server-based products, ITS Dispatch does not require you to install software on specific machines for use by a limited number of individuals.

With ITS Dispatch, you can grant access to an unlimited number of users within your company. As a result, you can cross-train employees across multiple sites or departments. Plus, you can rely on ITS Dispatch to perform all the key functions you need as your business grows.

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