The Top 8 Things to Look For When Selecting Truck Dispatching Software

Many trucking companies operate on a tight budget. This is especially true for small to mid-size firms. But, emerging companies need to invest in the right infrastructure to fuel growth. Truck dispatch software is an essential tool for business today and growth tomorrow. The dispatch software market features many expensive options, which are out of reach for smaller companies. ITS Dispatch is revolutionizing the trucking industry with feature-rich and affordable software.

  1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You no longer need to buy and own expensive copies of software. Instead, you can lease software and pay a reasonable monthly fee to access the features you need. This budget-friendly approach is great for growing companies.
  2. Web-based Software. The most expensive truck dispatch software options on the market are also very limited. These server-based solutions cost a lot and require companies to invest in hardware to run them. On the other hand, web-based software is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is the perfect solution for businesses, which need flexibility and mobility.
  3. Simple User Interface. Trucking software is complex, but it should be simple to use. The best truck dispatch software is intuitive. Most tasks require just a few clicks. This simplicity makes your employees more efficient. It also lets you bring new employees up to speed with ease.
  4. Integration with Other Key Applications. Chances are, you will need more than one application to run your business. In fact, you should have a dispatch load board, like our Internet Truckstop software, to post your trucks. You will need an accounting package, like QuickBooks, too. Your software should link directly to these and other solutions. That keeps your team from having to do tedious manual work.
  5. Quality Dispatching Tools. You need data on your assets and loads at your fingertips. With solid software, you can create loads in advance to have them ready for your drivers. Also, you can duplicate loads to cut data entry and post to load boards with a single click.
  6. Access to Driver Details. Excellent truck dispatch software gives you a snapshot of how your drivers are performing at any time. You can track their insurance and medical data. Plus, you can gain insight on drivers’ gross revenue, miles, percentages, and more.
  7. Financial Management Functions. Careful money management is key to success. The best trucking software goes beyond dispatch functions to offer important financial functions.
  8. Excellent Customer Support. You may have questions about how to complete a task. Also, you may have excellent ideas about how to make your truck dispatch software even better. You need a customer support team who listens and responds right away to resolve any issues.

With ITS Dispatch, we have created a state-of-the-art software solution that fulfills all these key needs—and much more. We’ve made an affordable software package that performs dispatching other key trucking operations. If you are wondering what type of transportation company uses ITS Dispatch dispatching program, contact us to find out the answer.

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