Truck Software Features

Small to medium-sized trucking businesses should consider buying a truck broker software. Even if you only have a few trucks now, you can learn about trucking software to help you select the right package for your company. You can learn the top eight things to look for when selecting truck dispatching software and how to choose the best truck dispatch software.

Here are a few key features to seek when shopping for trucking software:

Asset Management. A truck broker software can help you manage your valuable vehicles. Systems can track mileage, warranties, detailed driver history, and more. This time-saving software feature is useful to you as you grow your fleet.

Scheduling and Dispatch. One of the key features of trucking software is the ability to dispatch and schedule loads. You can identify routes to help streamline your scheuduling. As a result: you can achieve shorter transit times and reduce your costs. Also, good trucking software features integration with dispatch board software. You can use dispatch boards to post your trucks and secure more loads to maximize the value of every trip.

Financial Management. Busy trucking companies can have complex customer invoicing and driver payment needs. The best trucking software features one-click invoicing, built-in financial management, and direct integration with popular accounting software for companies with more robust needs. With these features, you can keep your finances in order.

Detailed Driver Statistics. Having access to carrier data helps you to be efficient. Quality trucking software lets you see detailed graphs to track driver performance. You can see details like gross revenue, miles, volume, and percentage by driver. This data helps you allocate loads and manage your finances.

You may also find great benefit in selecting web-based trucking software. Such web-based software applications are accessible from anywhere with Internet access. That means you are not limited to running your business from the office. You can access your complete asset and dispatch data from home or while on the road. This is especially valuable for trucking companies with multi-site operations or virtual teams. Plus, all you need to get started is a user ID and password. No need for hardware upgrades or software downloads.

We designed the great feature trucking professionals need into our ITS Dispatch software. Thanks to our Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) approach, you can lease ITS Dispatch. You pay a reasonable monthly fee to gain access to all the software features you need to run your business. Also, we’ve made our software user-friendly, so you can get started using it right away.

We back up our ITS Dispatch with world-class customer support provided by a team of technical experts. In addition, we provide regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure that our software meets the evolving needs of the trucking industry.

ITS Dispatch offers you top-of-the-line truck broker software features in a cost-friendly package, with no contract, unlimited training and free support! Contact us if you want answers to questions like: what type of transportation company uses ITS Dispatch’s dispatching program? Let us put our trucking industry expertise to work for you.

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