What Type of Transportation Company Uses ITS Dispatch’s Dispatching Programs?

Trucking can be an exciting and financially rewarding business. If you have a small trucking company, running between three to 50 trucks, you likely need to invest in a dispatch program to help you manage your business. Our ITS Dispatch is an affordable, full-featured solution for small to medium companies seeking top-quality truck dispatch programs.

At ITS Dispatch, we have years of trucking industry experience and are committed to helping emerging trucking firms grow and thrive. Many traditional truck dispatch programs are server-based, which means you must purchase expensive software and load it on one or a few machines. Often, you need to hire a technical support staff or put your personnel through costly training before you deploy such server-based trucking solutions. As a result, many small to mid-sized trucking firms cannot afford traditional server-based truck dispatch programs and resort to homegrown databases or pen-and-paper record keeping. This limits their ability to compete with large firms and keeps new trucking companies from being competitive in the marketplace.

At ITS Dispatch, we aim to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing high-caliber dispatch software that let smaller companies compete. Unlike many of our competitors’ software, ITS Dispatch is an easy-to-use, web-based solution, which is available on a subscription basis. You can get all the features you need for a reasonable monthly fee. As an added benefit, ITS Dispatch is available from any location with Internet access. That means you can run a small trucking company out of your home, or have a virtual team distributed across several sites.

All you need is a login ID and password for truly anytime-anywhere access to all your trucking information. Plus, our software is so user-friendly that you can train yourself to use it in no time. You can also quickly bring new team member up-to-speed for continued operational efficiency as you grow.

ITS Dispatch is cost-effective and easy-to-use. It also has all the functions small to medium-sized trucking companies need. You can create new loads with just a few clicks, or copy loads to save even more time. Plus, you can post loads directly to our Truckstop.com - the industry leader in freight matching services. ITS Dispatch also features many of the built-in accounting features small to mid-sized trucking company need to manage their financials. For those needing more robust financial management, ITS Dispatch integrates with QuickBooks.

When you are seeking a dispatch program that is perfect for your small trucking firm today, and that can scale as you grow, turn to ITS Dispatch. We are committed to putting our trucking industry know-how to work to help new and growing businesses achieve their potential. You can get started with ITS Dispatch today, without buying expensive equipment, attending training, or even downloading software.

We also have a top-notch team who can answer your questions about how to choose the best truck dispatch software for your company. If you run a trucking company with three to 50 trucks, ITS Dispatch is the ideal dispatch program for your business.

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