Duregger Logistics LLC

ITS-Dispatch is a great service! We subscribed one day and began using it the next day for all loads. The staff is available and attentive and constantly streamlining and adding valuable features. Jump in, the water is great!

Tom Duregger, JTC, Duregger Logistics LLC

Savage Logistics, LLC

Thanks so much for your tremendous support. Walking me through adding columns and printing the dispatch board has been extremely helpful. Our Dispatcher and Operations Manager have been utilizing the program for a week now. Both are really enthusiastic and have noticed the time saving factors with the software.

Once again thank you from all of us at Savage Logistics, LLC

Salina Savage, President, Savage Logistics, LLC

Manns Logistics

Having been involved with the Transportation Industry for 8 plus years now, I have been privileged to audition several different brokerage software's and the best is ITS Dispatch. Why ITS Dispatch? It does much more than just retains customer and carrier information, it allows me to keep close track of all sales and accounts. With one entry, I have all of the information at my fingertips and with the terrific technical support team, do not have to ever worry about losing that information. In this economy, $75.00 per month is a very small price to pay for "peace of mind".

Ron Manns, Manns Logistics, President

Mint Transportation Ltd.

I don't remember now how we found out about ITS Dispatch but back in April 2007, we started using it. After a little bit of an adjustment process, which was short lived, we were up and running and haven't looked back since! Truly, we're not sure how we managed our trucks, drivers and brokerage business without it. We especially like the ease with which invoices are created and the fact that it's web based, allowing us to access the program from multiple locations. The staff at ITS Dispatch have provided above average levels of training and support and are always available when we need them

Without hesitation, we would recommend ITS Dispatch as a cost effective solution for any company that is looking at taking better control of their business.

Michele Feliciano, Mint Transportation Ltd., Concord, ON

Interstate Logistics LLC

Our company, Interstate Logistics is a fairly large single office broker that's been using ITS Dispatch since May of 2008. Prior to ITS Dispatch, we managed all of our loads with a home made system that included Microsoft XL and Quick Books. As our business grew, we required a more broker specific application to manage all of our loads, customers and carriers. After researching various products on the market at price points of $1000.00 to $9000.00, we decided to go with ITS Dispatch.

We have been more than pleased with what ITS Dispatch has offered us and with how much more organized we have become as a result. The staff at ITS have been great in support and training and even took our advice on building a couple new components that not only helped us out, but some of their other customers as well! Their program is constantly changing with new features being added and regular minor updates.

I would highly recommend ITS Dispatch to anyone that's in the market for freight broker software. The pricing, product and support just can not be beat.

James Wheelehon, Interstate Logistics LLC, Chesterfield, MO

Dispatch Logistics

We heard about ITS Dispatch through word of mouth. Since signing up, I couldn’t be happier. ITS Dispatch has revolutionized the way I operate. Training and support has been top notch. First time I started to play around with ITS, I received a call from Sean in Training who was able to pull up my account right then and there and walk me through the features and how to use it. Support was simple and straight to the point, took about 15 minutes and answered all my questions. Keep up the good work guys.

Marvin Hossain, Dispatch Logistics

1st Class Freight LLC

I just wanted to say what a WONDERFUL person Sean G is....He has helped me out with my program when I ask him.....Also Ian and all the other Tech people are wonderful....When ever I have a problem they are always there to help me...I found out about this program at a Truck show in Louisville KY 2008 and fell in love with the program at that time....I knew that it would make my life a lot easier all the way around (dispatch, customers, payroll, etc.....)!!!!

I love you guys.......THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Dana Haley, Owner of 1st Class Freight LLC out of Seymour TN

Orca Logistics

We have past experience using a number of different dispatch programs and load boards. We where not satisfied they where going to be suitable for our new company, Orca Logistics. We where looking for a user friendly, simple system that would allow for fast entry, produce load sheets and invoices, as well as giving us on-screen visibility with load board capabilities.

We viewed an online ITS demonstration in May 2007 and where impressed. We quickly signed up and started using the system. We use both the load board and accounting side and are extremely satisfied. We are now going to start exporting invoicing from ITS to our QuickBooks accounting program. This will save time and increase accuracy.

On the few occasions we had a problem or a question it was very quickly resolved or answered by friendly and professional staff. We have no hesitation in recommending the service.

Ian Patton, Orca Logistics

MB Transport Enterprises Inc.

The TRUCKSTOP Trucking Software has been a great success for our fleet. We currently operate a transportation company with a fleet of 10 trucks. The quick-preview really helps us to keep an eye on our equipment and load orders at all times. The staff at ITS Dispatch have worked closely with us and have been more than helpful.

Steve Pachov, Operations Manager, MB Transport Enterprises Inc.

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