Why Does Trucking Software Cost So Much?

Software performs many vital tasks in every area of our lives, from our homes to our workplaces. Many software applications designed for business can be very complex and take a long time to build. A technology company may need to employ software engineers with highly specialized expertise to create software products. Industry-specific software, such as online applications developed exclusively for the trucking industry, requires expert knowledge in both how trucking operations work and software development.

Consequently, some trucking software can cost $10,000 or more. Is the hefty price tag worth it? Are you asking the question: trucking software — how much should you spend? Fortunately, the innovators at ITS Dispatch are to revolutionizing the industry by offering robust online trucking software with a reasonable price tag.

According to DOT, there are approximately 100,000 registered motor carriers in the United States. However, millions of businesses use trucking services to deliver goods throughout North America. As a result, each trucking company or freight broker has many client relationships to manage, and must monitor multiple truck routes and delivery schedules simultaneously. This function alone is very complex, so the software to support it requires intensive engineering to ensure effective routing. When you add in other functions, such as accounting and financial management, each of which has multiple steps and processes, trucking software becomes even more complex to build and maintain.

In fact, online trucking software is more than just a basic database. Instead, it involves multiple, complex databases, which must work together to keep trucking operations running smoothly. In addition, freight brokers and trucking company employees want an easy-to-use interface to accomplish their tasks. A high-quality online trucking application lets individuals do what they need to do with the fewest number of clicks possible. As a result, companies who design trucking software need skilled engineers who can integrate multiple databases along with others who know how to create intuitive, functional online screens.

All these factors contribute to a lengthy and expensive development process to create good quality trucking software. Fully functional online trucking software solutions may cost millions to build. In addition, since the number of companies in the market for this specialized software is relatively small, each software purchase must help defray the software creator’s development costs.

At ITS Dispatch, we build high-quality trucking software with a more affordable price tag. By using today’s advanced web technologies, we deliver trucking software over the Internet. This is a far more cost-effective approach than traditional server-based software models, which can limit access to specific locations, users, or machines. In addition, companies must often upgrade their equipment or hire IT specialists to accommodate server-based trucking products. ITS Dispatch is available right away, and requires zero equipment investment to get started. Plus, we provide free maintenance and training, along with regular software upgrades, to ensure your team can get the most out of online trucking management. With ITS Dispatch, all these advantages are yours fraction of the cost you would pay to install and maintain server-based trucking software.

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