Truckers and trucking companies must comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). The IFTA is an agreement between Canada and the lower 48 United States which simplifies fuel tax reporting for trucks that operate in more than one jurisdiction. Carriers now only need to file one quarterly tax report.

However, this requires that carriers and trucking companies must keep track of miles travelled in all states, provinces and territories. To help carriers cut down on manual paperwork, ITS Dispatch offers top-quality IFTA software to streamline mileage tracking and completing the tax forms for filing to states and provinces.

Under IFTA, when any commercial motor vehicle buys fuel, fuel taxes are credited to an associated account. At each quarter’s end, the individual files a tax report. This report must detail miles traveled in all participating jurisdictions, along with numbers of fuel gallons purchased in each jurisdiction. An average fuel mile rate determines the taxes owed to each jurisdiction, based on actual miles traveled. The carrier may receive a refund, or need to pay additional taxes to his or her base jurisdiction. That base jurisdiction then redistributes taxes to the other states or provinces, if applicable.

As you can see, IFTA reporting requires detailed tracking and calculations. To streamline this process, many trucking businesses use IFTA software. With specialized applications, you can enter miles manually or use built-in calculators to identify accurate trip distances for IFTA reporting. Each quarter, you can transfer this data into a form for filing with your state or province. As you can imagine, using software can save hours of time and result in more accurate IFTA reporting. For many small to medium-sized companies, these valuable tools can limit time and costs spent on manual data tracking.

At ITS Dispatch, we focus on providing top-quality trucking software to serve all your business needs—including IFTA reporting. Our fuel tax software is available as a stand-alone application, or as an add-on to our industry-leading ITS Dispatch software. We provide you with a simple design that is fully supported, easy to learn and use.

As an added benefit, our ITS-IFTA fuel tax software is fully web-based. That means you do not need to install our IFTA software package on a specific machine. Instead, we store your data on our servers, and give you full access to your company information with a user ID and password. You can log in from anywhere—the office, home, or on the road—to track mileage and file IFTA quarterly reports. This makes our fuel tax software an excellent choice for any companies with multiple sites or virtual teams.

If you are looking for IFTA software for your business, trust the trucking industry experts at ITS Dispatch. We provide a robust IFTA solution in a budget-friendly package that is perfect for start-ups and growing trucking businesses. In addition, we provide free training, top-quality technical support, and never charge for multiple users, or lock you into a length contract. ITS Dispatch is dedicated to serving the business needs of trucking companies to empower our industry to grow, thrive, and expand.
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