The Influence of Freight Brokering Software on the Trucking Industry

Freight brokers play a vital role in today’s trucking industry. In many cases, freight brokers need to respond quickly to businesses, which need to ship a load of goods but cannot rely on their typical transportation providers. These requirements can often pop up unexpectedly and require freight brokers to find a viable carrier very quickly. Without question, advanced, web-based freight brokering software is a must-have for every firm in the brokerage business.

Brokers who lack web-based software to run their business encounter many challenges. Many must manage key details and a vast number of transactions manually. As a result, there are often problems with missing data regarding deliveries or dispatches and mishandling of tasks among employees. Since freight brokering is such a fast-paced business, it is far too easy for firms to mismanage information or workflows. Web-based software designed exclusively with the needs of freight brokers in mind is the best way to avoid such problems.

Web-based freight brokering software from ITS Dispatch can streamline your operations. With ITS Dispatch, you can sharply cut the amount of paperwork you must process. You can also keep track of all your drivers and carriers, with details on gross revenue revenue, mileage, volume, percentage, and other key information. Plus, you can manage each dispatch and delivery and keep track of budgetary and workload requirements to make intelligent truck deployment decisions.

With ITS Dispatch trucking software you can achieve more flexibility and greater control. Such software gives you the stability you need to stay competitive. You can employ many tools to dispatch and monitor carriers, and forecast financial trends. You can effortlessly view key financial data, such as revenue per mile, cost per mile, outstanding receivables, and credit limits. Plus, you can gain access to detailed statistics, such as bar graphs and fleet data and more, with a single click. The benefits of freight brokering and dispatch trucking software are clear.

Thanks to all these powerful software features, small to mid-sized brokers can compete with larger broker operations. In addition, since web-based software costs much less than traditional server-based solutions, more small freight brokers can afford them. Today’s web-based freight broker applications are budget-friendly and allow companies to trim cost and waste associated with manual processes. Web-based software is intuitive and accessible from any location with Internet access. Smaller firms need not invest in new equipment or expensive staff training. They also can employ a distributed, virtual team for greater efficiency and even support around-the-clock operations.

Undoubtedly, web-based freight brokering software has had a substantial impact on the trucking industry. Now emerging companies can better compete with established firms. This gives shipping companies greater flexibility and choice. Web-based solutions give freight brokers ability to connect with a broad network of carriers, so they can continually expand their operational footprint into new geographic areas. Freight brokering software and pioneering companies, like ITS Dispatch, who develop these tools are driving a fundamental and revolutionary shift in today’s trucking industry.

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