Freight Broker Software

In today's fast-paced trucking industry, using software to power your freight brokerage is vital to your success. At ITS Dispatch, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of freight broker software, with cost-effective solutions targeted to growing firms. We built our expert trucking industry knowledge into an easy-to-use application, which helps you achieve success as a freight broker.

Learning more about software for the Brokerage industry is a good first step before making an investment in your business infrastructure. You should take the time to learn about the influence of freight broker software on the trucking industry. In addition, you should understand the benefits of freight broker & dispatch trucking software. Before you buy, be sure to get educated on the seven things to avoid when purchasing freight brokering software. Armed with this knowledge, you will see why ITS Dispatch is the best option for your business.

The trucking industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and making it as a successful freight broker means keeping pace with the trends. Until recently, freight brokers only had the option of purchasing server-based solutions for installation on mainframes and/or individual computers. This software still exists today, but is expensive and complicated and often requires extensive training. For many start-up freight brokers, such applications, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, was far beyond their budget. As a result, some small to medium freight brokers resorted to homegrown solutions, or even pencil and paper tracking of all the loads they manage.

In the current, competitive trucking environment, such old-school methods simply won't work. That's why the innovators at ITS Dispatch developed a better way. We can offer you fully-functional freight broker software, which is available 24x7 over the web and costs a fraction of cumbersome server-based software. With ITS Dispatch, you can be nimble and compete directly with larger freight brokerages. All you need to access your comprehensive freight brokerage data is Internet access, a user ID, and a password. You can track carriers and shipments, create invoices, perform key accounting functions, and post loads directly to your account, all from one user-friendly application.

The rise of Internet-based software is revolutionizing the trucking industry. Now you can gain access to powerful web-based trucking solution in minutes, without having to invest in expensive equipment, sign a contract or attend lengthy training. This software gives small to medium freight brokerages the ability to achieve the same level of professionalism as larger companies and to attract more shipping clients.

With ITS Dispatch, you can perform all the functions you need to run a freight brokerage, whether you are a one-person operation or have a larger team. In addition, ITS Dispatch is so cost-friendly that you can purchase it for an unlimited number of corporate users, which means it can grow as your business grows. For the ultimate in 21st century freight broker software, you want to select ITS Dispatch. Let us put our decades of transportation industry experience to work for you.

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