Seven Things to Avoid When Purchasing Freight Brokering Software

Buying freight broker software is important if you want to succeed as a freight broker. Before you invest in software, you should review key facts about freight broker software. You need to know what to avoid so that you do not waste money on a product, which will not meet your essential needs. Freight broker software reviews are a great information source.

  1. Avoid server-based software. Server-based software requires installation on a server you own. Often, you can only load it on a few machines. This means you have to invest in IT infrastructure and may need to hire a technical specialist. By contrast, modern web-based solutions, like ITS Dispatch, are available over the Internet. This approach saves you money and gives you much greater flexibility.
  2. Avoid high-cost software. Some freight broker software companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for their software plus you may need to buy expensive equipment or sign your team up for lengthy training if you go with the high-cost option. Freight broker software reviews note that you can get everything you need with lower cost brokerage software. Look for options with month-to-month payment plans. Never assume more expensive means better when it comes to broker software.
  3. Avoid difficult user interfaces. Some industry software is hard to navigate. It can force users to click through many screens to perform basic tasks. By reviewing your options, you can find freight broker software that features simple interfaces and simple navigation. These features let you learn and work efficiently and allows you to train new team members with ease too.
  4. Avoid software that doesn’t integrate with other important applications. Stand-alone freight broker software can have some value. But, some stand-alone options do not integrate with other key operational systems. That means you may have to perform manual work and data transfers. This opens the door to potential errors and inaccuracies. Instead, you should seek out software that links with essential business systems.
  5. Avoid single-function software. You may find software options that look like a bargain, but only provide one function. For example, you may find a solution that just performs invoicing or tracks shipments. It may perform that specific function well, but still leave you with a mountain of manual work. Check out freight broker software reviews to learn about limitations of various applications.
  6. Avoid software that requires lengthy training to learn. If you learn you have to attend lengthy training, you are likely looking at a complex solution. The best freight broker software is so user-friendly that you can teach yourself how to use it and in turn, train your staff with ease.
  7. Avoid software with poor support. Even the best software can have minor bugs or potential for improvement. Often the best enhancement ideas come from customers. Seek out freight broker software, which has strong customer support and goes through systematic reviews. If you check out freight broker software reviews you will find that ITS Dispatch gets high marks across the board. We designed our ITS Dispatch with our transportation industry customers’ needs in mind.

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