What is ITS Dispatch ?

ITS Dispatch is a

web based, inexpensive, and easy Fleet Management Software

that meets the needs of small and medium sized companies. Nothing to buy, download or install and no computer upgrades required! Get

Fleet Software Solutions with ITS-Dispatch Service.

ITS Dispatch - Fleet Management Software


Our fleet management software is the most unique one! It is the most efficient and valuable fleet management program for the trucking industry! It can conveniently handle monitoring, inspection reporting, tracking as well as maintenance scheduling, procurement, depreciation tracking, parts inventory, and much more. It is a comprehensive trucking management application that is engineered to fulfill all the necessary compliance details and regulations related to fleet maintenance and reporting.

Our fleet management software application is the most advanced tool, easy-to-use and flexible suffice to appropriately schedule and track all your maintenance and repairing needs. It allows and fosters advanced work methodology in the business and regulates other interior functionalities to create a discrete business framework. No matter the size of your trucking fleet, it is capable enough to satisfy all your fleet management needs. It aims to handle different types of tasks including customer records, vendor records, track unplanned repairs and vehicle profiles. It aims to help in daily reporting, reviewing of business level operations, and also helps to gain proper insight of the business infrastructure.

The software’s worthy and relevant analytics capabilities are helpful to know the interconnection of different business operations and services. Its special features are augmented to assist managers in different eminent business activities including business intelligence. It also let trucking companies to monitor, track and understand client actions as well as preferences. 

It helps to store and accumulate comprehensive fleet profiles and offer templates & interface to let you create and maintain truck maintenance histories along with their work orders. It is mainly used by efficacious managers to manage and handle fleet maintenance, scheduling as well as tracking. It is used by both micro and macro levels of the business to prioritize the operations and programs. It facilitates various business level objectives as well as helps to streamline the flow of communication amongst the employees. Through this application, trucking service providers substantially minimize internal operating costs and assist enhancing the business capabilities at a broader spectrum.

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