The Benefits of Freight Broker & Dispatch Trucking Software

Are you considering investing in dispatch software online for your business? If so, getting to know what benefits you can expect from top-quality online software, like ITS Dispatch, is a smart move. You should also learn about seven things to avoid when purchasing freight brokering software. As a freight broker, you owe it to yourself, your team, and your clients to make an educated software purchasing decision.

With ITS Dispatch, you can:
  1. Handle all of your shipping and accounting needs with one tool. One key benefit to freight brokering software is that it lets you manage your business more efficiently. You can log in to one application to manage dispatching, study carrier statistics and data, process invoices, and more. You don’t need to buy multiple systems or manually transfer data between databases. Dispatch software online improves your operational efficiency and cuts your costs.
  2. Link to the Loadboard. Loadboard in general are a must have for every freight broker. These vital tools allow you to post loads and seek out carriers. You can also find loads for your trucks so that they run at full capacity. Our ITS Dispatch software online integrates with Internet Truckstop so you can move load and carrier information between the two systems effortlessly.
  3. Access anytime, anywhere. The great thing about today’s dispatch software online is that it is available anywhere with Internet access. You can use ITS Truckstop in the office, at home, or on the road. You can also employ a virtual team, with members working in any Internet-accessible location for maximum efficiency. You no longer have to install software on one server or one machine and limit access to a few, trained users.
  4. Enjoy rapid start-up, with no equipment investment. With ITS Dispatch, you do not need to invest in expensive equipment or employ any technical experts. Because it is available via the web, you do not even need to install any special software on your computers prior to use. In addition, our software is so user-friendly that your team can get started using it right away, without a lengthy training process. All these factors combine to give you an immediate opportunity to jumpstart your freight brokering business, without additional IT or training costs.
  5. Integrate with popular accounting software. ITS Dispatch offers built-in financial management functionality and also integrates with QuickBooks, one of the most widely used software packages for small to mid-sized firms with advanced accounting needs. You can create invoices in ITS Dispatch and send all the relevant details directly to our internal accouting package or QuickBooks, depending on your companies needs. This helps you keep tabs on your all-important revenues and receivables and to make sure your freight brokerage stays financially sound.
With all of these benefits, you can see why buying our online dispatch software is a good move for your business. We also offer free support and training and upgrade our product regularly to ensure you have the most state-of-the-art software for your business. We bring years of transportation industry knowledge and build this into our application to make sure it serves essential needs of our brokerage professionals.

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