How Will Dispatch Board Software Help Me Manage My Active Loads?

Freight brokers are an important intermediary between businesses who need to send shipments and the carrier services, which transport goods from one place to the other. Every freight broker needs trucking software to support its business operations. One vital software solution for today's freight brokerages is a dispatch board, which can be a resource for companies with freight needs and/or truckers looking to provide services. ITS Dispatch features direct integration with our Internet Truckstop software, one of the most reputed dispatch board tools on the market today.

Good-quality dispatch board software lets truckers who have reached their destination indicate that they are available for another cargo load for a return trip. Moreover, such software can let freight brokers who have cargo loads post their need for a reliable trucker to transport the load. Often such a need arises when a shipper has 'exception freight,' which is a load not covered by contracts with their regular transportation provider. With ITS Dispatch, freight brokers can post loads to ITS's Internet Truckstop to find a carrier quickly.

As a freight broker, you can use dispatch board software to perform to key functions: posting freight and seeking carriers. Posting a load entails providing data on the type of carrier equipment needed to haul the freight and the origin and destination of the load. After posting, this information is available to thousands of carriers who may be potential candidates to haul the freight. In addition, good quality dispatch board software can help you assess the quality of the carrier to help you make the best selection. Since you hold responsibility for making a sound decision on behalf of your customer, ability to evaluate carriers is very important.

With dispatch board software, you can help ensure that your active trucks do not encounter capacity shortfalls. You can connect with carriers in specific geographies where you run the most loads and tap into a wide network of potential carriers whenever a need arises. As an added benefit, ITS's Internet Truckstop is fully web-based so you can manage or update load status at any time, day or night, from any location. This enables you to adjust or initiate loads to fill your customers' impromptu shipment needs and make you stand out as an exceptional transportation service provider.

If you are a freight broker, you should take your business to the next level by utilizing a dispatch board to post loads and evaluate carriers. With the powerful one-two combination of ITS Dispatch software and the Internet Truckstop dispatch board, you can manage your essential business functions and broaden your network of qualified carriers. Best of all, you can achieve impressive results for a minimum of expense. In fact, ITS Dispatch is one of the most cost-effective fully-functional trucking software offerings on the market today. Plus, ITS Dispatch companion software, Internet Truckstop, features a basic package which is available for the same low price, just $35, as it was first offered when released in 1995.

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