Freight brokers have an important job. They provide a bridge between companies who need to ship goods and the carriers who are available to haul them. To manage this complex web of relationships, freight brokers need ITS Dispatch, a robust software package designed specifically for the transportation industry.

Freight Brokers

ITS Dispatch provides all the software features you need to run your business—in a convenient, web-based model. That means ITS Dispatch is available from anywhere with Internet access. You can run your business from any computer—in the office, on the road, or even at home with a login ID and password. As a result, ITS Dispatch is the perfect freight broker software for firms with multiple sites or virtual teams who work from varied locations.

With ITS Dispatch freight broker software, you can manage a fleet, multiple carrier relationships, and loads with ease. The software provides easy-to-use features, such as ability to copy loads to cut data entry, which make it a perfect solution for busy freight brokerages. As an added benefit, ITS Dispatch links directly to If you have a account, you can post loads directly from ITS Dispatch to Truckstop. You can also access to source and review trucks to identify prospective new carriers to haul freight loads. Plus, ITS-Dispatch lets you generate invoices and transfer financial data directly to QuickBooks accounting software. These are just a few of the many features, which make ITS Dispatch ideal software for freight brokers.

Because ITS Dispatch is available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, you can access all our great freight broker software features for a reasonable cost. We host and maintain ITS Dispatch on our servers, so you do not have to worry about equipment purchases or data backups. There is no software to buy or download. You do not need to limit access to our freight broker software to a few specific machines in your office. Instead, you only need a login ID and password to gain access to your company information from any Internet-accessible location. In addition, unlike server-based freight broker software, which can cost $10,000 or more, ITS is available on a subscription basis. You pay a low monthly fee to access all the top-of-the-line software features your freight brokerage needs.

All these factors combine to make ITS Dispatch an exceptional freight broker software option for small to mid-sized firms. In addition, we have made ITS Dispatch extremely user friendly so that you and your team can get started using it right away. ITS Dispatch freight broker software features intuitive screens and gives you an ability to accomplish key tasks with just a few clicks. This means you do not need to go through lengthy training before using ITS Dispatch. Instead, you can reap all the benefits of our full-featured freight broker software right away. As your business grows, you can train new team members on ITS Dispatch so that they can hit the ground running.

To learn more about using ITS Dispatch, you can contact us for a free demo. Our expert team has decades of experience in the freight broker field and can show you how advanced software can help your business run more efficiently. Once you sign up, we provide free training and top-notch customer support. We also provide regular software upgrades to add new features. With ITS Dispatch software, you can increase your operational efficiency and attain greater levels of profitability.

ITS Version 5.0

Welcome to Version 5
A little bit of change is good, really. It is! Visual fine tuning, addressing speed issues, increased security, increased functionality and new components are just a few of the things that Version 5 touches.

Uploading (New Add on Component)
You will now see a FILES button in various locations of Version 5. This is a new, add=on feature that has been built to allow users to add documents to loads, drivers, carriers, trucks, trailers, customers, and so on. Once you upload the documents, you can email or saved them for future reference. There is no limit to how much you can upload and the uploaded document stays in the system until you delete it! All users can upload and access files for a fixed rate of $10.00 per month per account. Contact us today to have this tool turned on!

Increased Server speeds and Data Backups
With the new update, we have also upgraded to a server that is more than capable of carrying us through double our current customer base. Along with the increased server speeds and capacities, we have also revised our backup procedures and frequencies to better suit our rate of growth. We have also added hardware redundancies to limit any downtime due to hardware failures.

New Look and Feel
Almost immediately you will notice a change in the window designs. This may appear to be a small change but in fact, it is fairly significant. By changing the design and style of the windows, we have made the site more consistent for future development, which will allow for faster development on new components in the future. Besides that, we think it looks pretty cool!

With any update, there are inevitably bugs and minor issues. We have done more testing on this release than any other. That being said, there will still be bugs. If you find something that is not right, please feel free to email and please make sure that you mention what Internet browser and version you are using. You can also use the online help located at the top right of the main dispatch board. Our support team will be all hands on deck today to deal with any issues that might come up.

As always, although not a requirement for this update, we suggest that you are using Chrome or Firefox. Either browser are free to download and can be located at: Chrome (Google): Mozilla (Firefox):

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